Capturing the Soul of Myanmar

Capturing the Soul of Myanmar

Capturing the Soul of Myanmar

September 27, 2017
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Myanmar is a South Eastern Asian country that is full of vibrant life and culture. Influenced by the neighbouring states of China, India, Bangladesh, Thailand and Laos, Myanmar still boasts countless traditional Asian ways and architecture.

The country is on the brink of a new democratic era, and anyone visiting can feel the electric energy, hopes, and possibilities for the future that permeate through the air. While it is true that Myanmar still has many problems to fix, its people remain as enduring and captivating as ever. When setting foot in this place, make sure to connect with them, speak to them, and get in touch with their lives.

Myanmar voted in its first democratically elected government in 2015 after most than half a century of military dictatorship. This radical shift has allowed for the removal of sanctions and censorships, and the numerous areas of the country are now accessible to visitors.

And yet, despite this advancement, Myanmar still remains a nation of mostly rural fabric, with over 100 ethnic groups that continue to embrace traditional values and practices. Meet men wearing skirt-like longyi, countless people with blood-red mouths chewing on betel, and have a cup of tea in one of the traditional teahouses.

Myanmar is a blissfully peculiar place, and its landscapes and people will never cease to surprise and delight you.