December 14, 2017
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Photography is not solely a reflection of an image captured in time. Most importantly, if not crucial to the situation, is being accepted completely as a part of the space being shot. This bond is a determining factor to the success of an image, where a special relationship is formed between the persons in front of the lens, and the mind behind it.

‘Family’ represents a unique insight into the daily lives inside Burmese homes throughout the city of Mandalay. I am very grateful that this lovely family accepted me and gave me their trust to capture this picture.

Mandalay is a recently established area, having been founded at the foot of the Mandalay hill during the middle of the 19th century. The city was practically decimated during the Second World War, and subsequently brought back through a construction boom that regenerated the area in the early 90s, but which did not pay much attention to the aesthetics of the buildings.

But despite this apparent lack of visual appeal, Mandalay has an enormous spiritual background, which is accentuated by the bold colours that can be observed in this photograph. What at first appears to be a typical family of young women tending to their children in a humble looking room actually reveals an enormous inner richness to its core.

Every hue in these individual’s garments, every textile pattern, and every single shadow speaks volumes about these peoples’ life, with each element coming to life in a very powerful way.

A city, a street, or a home, are not simply formed of brick, wood, and mortar, but by the people that inhabit them and bring warmth to an otherwise dull place.

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