Take it easy
February 15, 2019
Take it easy   Most of us live a fast-paced life, juggling many things such as work, family, and friends. As we grow older, it seems as though it becomes increasingly difficult for us to take a step back and enjoy a peaceful moment of contemplation. In Cuba, people are still capable of leading an […]
School life in Cuba
January 24, 2019
School life in Cuba   Primary schools all around the world represent the budding society of the country’s future. It is often very difficult to gain access to these places, especially in a country such as Cuba that is still very apprehensive of the Western world. Despite this, I was given special permission to spend […]
Cabrios are a girl’s best friend
January 4, 2019
Cabrios are a girl’s best friend Classic cars such as the colourful convertible Cabriole are synonymous with the vibrant society of Cuba. This passion for cars in the Cuban community starts from a very young age, and the joy in children’s faces is easy to see. I have a deep passion to capture children from […]
The Bodega
May 15, 2018
The Bodega Far away from the modernity and commercialism that is sweeping over central Havana, the life of Cubans living in the periphery of the capital city is far from ideal. Food is hard to come by, with the vast majority of the population using their government issued ration booked to acquire food from controlled […]